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Tianjin Textile Group (Holding) Co. Ltd. is a wholly large state-owned enterprise group. It has 258 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding enterprises, with total asset of 14 billion. In 2016, revenue of main business is 40.7 billion containing USD 1715 million of import and export. From 2005 to 2016, the group ranked the top 500 Enterprises in the whole country for 11 times.

The group is powerful in import and export business and large-scale domestic logistics network. We develop modern services, which are mainly venture capital, financial services, architectural design and vocational education. We has strong research and development system, based on textile research institutes and state-level technical centers and standard testing centers covering a variety of textile. The group has prestigious brands such as Diyang, Tianma for Renli wool and White Rose etc, which are all the Chinese timed-honored brands. The group has also brand-name products such as Jinda, Feitian, Jianlong, Saiyuan and so on.

The main production base---- the High-tech New Textile Industrial Park which locates in Tianjin Binhai Air Port Economic Area is partition in Tianjin Free TradeTesting Zone in 2015. The group covers an area of more 1600 mu and a total construction area of over 800 thousand square meters. The group has created a complete modern urban textile chain covering from cotton manufacturing, wool spinning, new types of yarn-dyed fabric, industrial textiles, green ecological home textiles, printing in special finish, brand garments to textile health products etc.

Inheriting historical cultural accumulation over a century, while gathering the essence of transitional development fruits, the group speeds up and upgrading to the leading-edge, high-end and modern urban industry, committed to the core of transfer mode and adjusting structure.

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